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Ideas Pack

From £375 per room
A great start to any home project - with our Ideas Pack you get everything you need to make key decisions on how to use your space and create the look you want... Find out more


From £1250 per room
If you want all the details or want us to help you get the work completed then a Masterplan is what you need... Find out more

Expert Eye

£95 per hour
Perhaps you just need a few hours of one of our expert's time to help solve a specific problem, buy a particular piece or even help you with buying or selling a home? Find out more

Products & Trades

Great products, people and prices
Never more than RRP for products. All bases covered from stylish value to timeless quality. The very best local trades and craftspeople at great rates. Full billing and delivery co-ordination. What can we offer?

Ideas Pack

What you get

A consultation in your home to understand how you would like to change things, discuss your tastes and preferences, and if possible obtain a budget for us to work with. 

Following this meeting we will put together your Ideas Pack containing:

  • Annotated photos highlighting the opportunities we see
  • Carefully thought through solutions and suggestions by area
  • A selection of images which illustrate some of our ideas
  • A series of 3-D sketches to help you to visualise our proposals
  • A selection of samples for materials and finishes
  • A list of key potential items to buy with costs

We send you the Ideas Pack in an e-mail and then invite you to come and discuss with us in the Home Studio. Based on your feedback we will make a set of updates to your Ideas Pack and provide you with both a digital and bound copy to take away.

At this stage you should have everything you need to take key decisions on layout and look. If you want us to carry on helping we can take things forward via our Masterplan or Products & Trades…

What it costs

From £375 – £475 for one room*
From £700 for two rooms
From £1000 for three rooms

Having bought an Ideas Pack you get 5% off selected Products and Trades purchased through us

*Small room = £375, Medium = £425 and Large = £475



What you get:

This can be bought as a standalone if you know you are going to want lots of help, or you can choose to add this level of detail having bought an Ideas Pack.

In addition to everything included in an Ideas Pack, our Masterplan gives you:

  • A measured survey with drawings of your existing space and new lay outs
  • A detailed electrical and lighting plan – if needed
  • Technical drawings of all bespoke wood work and construction elements
  • A full decorating schedule detailing all colours, finishes and papers by room
  • Further specifications and competitive quotes for all trades required
  • Details and prices for all the products you will need – bespoke and off the peg
  • A full budget including all goods and services, deliveries and extras
  • An outline timeline showing phasing of works

This programme of work is supported by a number of meetings (typically 6-10) on site or in our Home Studio

What it costs:

Prices start from £1,250 per room with discounts for multiple room / whole house projects. However, it is only possible to give a precise cost once we know more about the specifics of your project. If you have already bought Ideas Packs we will offset the cost of these from your Masterplan. As with our Ideas Packs we offer 5% off selected Products and Trades purchased through us but in addition:

  • Spend over £10K and get 10% all Products and selected Trades*
  • Spend over £20K and get 15% all Products and selected Trades*

* Discounts are given versus RRP, already discounted products are excluded and discounts are calculated and given at the end of the project as a rebate or refund versus final balance up to but not exceeding the total of our fees

Expert Eye

What you get

Our designer’s Expert Eye in your house or on a shopping trip to advise on anything you like. Typically we get asked to help with…

  • Difficult or awkward spaces
  • Colour schemes or architectural fittings
  • Basic room layouts
  • Presenting your home for sale
  • Looking at a new home with you to discuss ideas

What it costs

Charged at £95 per hour, it includes a short written summary in follow-up to each meeting

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